Mission Statement:

HCCA provides impactful choral and theatrical experiences to current and future artists and audiences of all ages
while enriching North Alabama’s Tennessee Valley community through education and community outreach.

 Organizational Values:

Promoting Community Impact our community in meaningful ways by promoting the sense of unity that the arts can create when people come together to rehearse, perform, hear and experience a concert or show
Fostering Inclusiveness Make singing accessible to all, using music as a bridge across all social differences through diverse choral and musical theater repertoires
Pursuing Quality Pursue high standards of musical expression by maintaining a high level of excellence in musicianship within a supportive environment that acknowledges the discipline needed to learn and perform choral and musical theater works
Cultivating Musical Skills Provide the environment for musical growth, personal fulfillment, and fellowship in a vibrant and welcoming community of singers by developing musical skills in a fun, non-threatening, educational environment









 HCCA Officers

  • President, Rachael Damiani
  • Vice President, Dean Hudson
  • Treasurer, Rachel Burkholder
  • Recording Secretary, Roberta Rogers


HCCA Board of Directors

Becky England  Clint Hughes   Beverly Ketchum
Micki Lighthall Bill Lloyd Pam Lloyd
Steve Peters   Kenisha Phillips Michelle Roberts
Marie Sexton   Carolyn Smith Scott Trites
Charles Roberts, Past Pres. Kathryn Witherow   Jim Zielinski


HCCA Staff / Ex Officio Board Members

  • Dr. Ian Loeppky, Artistic Director/Principal Conductor
  • Billy Orton, Emeritus Artistic Director
  • Dr. Michael Weinberg, Associate Artistic Director/Chamber Chorale Director
  • Dr. Eric Wilson, Principal Accompanist
  • Dr. Matthew Carey, Youth Chorale Director
  • Meleah Shrout, Youth Chorale Collaborative Accompanist
  • Stacy Daniels, Treble Chorale Director
  • Steven Sivley, Treble Chorale Accompanist
  • Lea Hoppe, Children's Chorale Director
  • Matt Sloma, Children's Chorale Collaborative Accompanist
  • Sally Martin Priester, Administrative Director


HCCA Auxiliary Support Group

  Lucy Gross Bob Gustafson
John Hancock   John Hancock  Elaine Hubbard
Rick Lighthall Linda Mixon   Patricia Morefield
Lynda G. Nelson Linda C. Smith   Cheryl Steely
Kevin Wade Ed Yanchak   Jean Yanchak


www.thechorus.org | info@thechorus.org | 256.533.6606