Since ticket sales can never fully cover costs for any performing arts organization, we rely on the community we serve to assist us financially with contributions and in-kind sponsorships. With your help, we can continue to bring outstanding choral music, music education, and musical theatre to our community.

Sponsorship can be achieved in many ways. Sponsor a concert, a guest artist, a musical, give to one of the existing funds, or start your own. Take a look at the sponsorship options and let’s talk.

  • Conductor's Chair - Dr. Mabry Miller Fund

    Funds to support the retention of our conductor.

  • Children's/Youth Scholarship Fund

    Help support our youth on their quest for musicality.

  • Ken Turvey/Lane Scholarships Fund

    Provides scholarships for graduating high-school seniors and college vocal students.

  • Building Fund

    For physical structure, performance and rehearsal space, future buildings, storage, and office space.

  • Music Fund

    Specifically for purchase of new music, folders, instrument scores, royalties, and copyrights.

  • Orchestra Fund

    Helps defray the cost of paid musicians for concerts and musicals.

  • Operational Fund

    Currently, HCCA is a fully volunteer-managed organization. However, we are structured to operate as a non-profit organization with one or more paid staff members.

  • General Fund/General Season Sponsor

    Anything that does not directly fall into the other categories.

  • Other

    Marketing, Continuing Education for our Leadership, etc.

You can also donate directly to a specific function or asset for HCCA. If you do not see a fund to which you wish to donate directly please let us know.

Major Season and Event Sponsors

  • Linda and Robert Mixon, Season 2013–14
  • Kevin and Laura Wade, "Celtic Christmas" Concert Sponsors
  • Janet Bentley and Bill and Pam Lloyd, "King David" Concert Sponsors

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